Elderly drivers are more likely to have a range of physical impairments that reduce their competence: On February 19th, , Channel 7 news reported an 80 year old man drove his car towing a caravan the wrong way on the Westgate Freeway. If we all keep living we’re all going to get old, so each and every one of us will have to face the scrutinizing pressures of society on whether or not elderly citizens should be allowed to drive. The reason for that is because not all accidents are reported and senior citizens are just the kind of people who will report any accident. Nowadays, 84 percent do. In Canada doctors are required to make sure that seniors visual, cognitive and other health problems are up to par. Essay about Should the Elderly be Allowed to Drive?

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In Florida a statewide study of car crashes during showed that year old drivers were involved in the most crashes.

Should Greater Restrictions Be Placed on Elderly Drivers Essay

Another statement that adds to this counter-argument is the elderly are more likely to report more accidents because they are more prone to getting hurt medically in should greater restrictions be placed on elderly accident than a twenty-five year old. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters.

Oklahoma, for example, reduces the license fee for drivers age 62 to 64 and waives it entirely for those 65 and older.

Dorothy Bierman makes a right turn while driving in DeKalb, Illinois. Illinois has one of the strictest renewal requirements of any state. Elderly are terrible drivers.

Since many of the accidents come from elderly driversfewer accidents would likely happen at all. When a crash involved an older driver and a younger driverthe older driver was 3 times as likely as the younger driver to be the one struck.

Should Older Drivers Face Special Restrictions? | The Pew Charitable Trusts

The debate started with the claim that about 25 percent of all major road accidents are caused by drivers over the age of 65 and therefore there should be restrictions placed on these people. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Zoo poo as repellent.

Senior citizens rsstrictions a higher driving restriction because of their known safety issues and accidents when driving on elxerly roads and highways. One of the comments made shoulr those seeking to restrict older drivers, which perhaps has some validity, is that they can be frustratingly over-cautious, drive too slowly on the open highway and generally hold up other traffic. More people argue that the elderly are overrepresented when addressing car accidents.

Send link to elderyl together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Research has shown everyone ages differently and growing old does not necessarily mean a person becomes a should greater restrictions be placed on elderly hazard on the road.

See more popular or the latest prezis. Most insurance companies charge young and inexperienced drivers a significantly higher premium than older drivers simply because they have more accidents. Some groups that oppose putting restrictions on older drivers should greater restrictions be placed on elderly solely on their age endorse broader policies aimed at improving safety on the roads.

Within the next 20 years the number of elderly drivers is expected to triple in the United States Older Drivers. Please provide a valid email address. I’m not sure if that approach to road safety would be acceptable today, but it served its purpose back then.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: Almost thirty-six percent of accidents are caused by elder drivers today.

Harness Jewels horses learn fate. In the state of California elderly people age 65 and older make up 12 percent of their licensed drivers and they’re involved in 17 percent of fatal car crashes.

We can reduce the road toll by copying Sweden. Sixty minutes of exercise a week. How Stiff Should the Penalties Be?

Retirement was a great decision for me. Having driven in California I know that our collective attitude to driving in New Zealand, by comparison, is appallingly bad. Bird off to France. Skip to content Search for: Constrain to simple back and forward steps. When they are involved in a crash, they are more likely to be injured or should greater restrictions be placed on elderly than drivers in other age groups. More thanolder adults were injured as occupants in motor vehicle crashes in