Asus includes the standard 24 months on the Taichi No matter whether from a slanted angle from above, below or an acute viewing angle from the sides, neither the inner screen nor the outer touchscreen exhibited color inverting or ghosting. It is usually held and used with one hand. The manufacturer wants to attract both target groups with the Taichi 31 and designs a convertible device that is an ultrabook and tablet in one. The stylish and elegant design of the Taichi 31 in its robust aluminum unibody casing.

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Basically a good idea but the user loses one of the only 2 USB ports. Room for music and movie files will soon get tight asus taichi 31 it would thus be advisable to invest in an external hard drive.

13.3” convertible Ultrabook™ with Full HD dual screens

A temperature-related throttling does not seem probable during realistic load conditions. The Taichi 31’s touchscreen features an equal image quality The ass, aluminum chassis of this convertible device sports 2 fast USB 3.

asus taichi 31 The rates are only slightly above the average for this category. How the extravagant incher fares in our tests and whether the tablet-ultrabook hybrid is compelling is revealed here.

In particular, the low noise development makes the device a convenient companion in the library or university and asus taichi 31 next to silent asus taichi 31 possible. If you aren’t excited by either of those aspects, then you can consider a lot of other ultrabooks that cost half as much. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

This looks a bit different for the very reflective glossy touchscreen. It features an economic TDP of 17 watts. The Asua HD IPS screen ‘s razor-sharp picture, very good image quality and reliable detection rate of various asus taichi 31 gestures is impressive. The quality of the tablet-ultrabook’s presentation is first-rate. Communication Connecting to the internet is accomplished via the built-in Wi-Fi adapter or, of course, the conventional LAN module.

Like in the smaller, Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Benefit of Array Mic: The rear and front do not sport any interfaces. Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 13with a Ssus only the pleasant and high-quality feel and looks are excellent, but the very high stiffness and pressure resistance are equally outstanding.

ASUS TAICHI 31 13in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized | eBay

The laptop’s screen asus taichi 31 a matte coating and the tablet-typical outer screen features a glossy edge-to-edge design. Graphic benchmarks, such as 3DMark 11 or the latest 3DMarkquickly and clearly show the processor chip where its limits are.

We ascertained an acceptable 4: Only the screens’ finish differs. Consequently, the fan also reduced its speed by one level, which also explains the lower noise production during full load compared to maximum load asus taichi 31. The display hinge’s smooth mechanism is pleasing and makes it possible to open the tablet-ultrabook with one hand. We next looked at the color reproduction and color space coverage. Asus seems to have thought: The Asus Asus taichi 31 CXH is not suitable for playing even fairly up-to-date games, as the synthetic benchmarks already indicated and the specific gaming tests ruthlessly confirmed.

They confirmed the high data rates in writing again. Less weight, which is likely only difficult to achieve for construction reasons. Asus taichi 31 manufacturer wants to attract both target groups with the Taichi 31 and designs a convertible device that is an ultrabook and tablet in one.

This means that the reproduced color only deviates to a minorbarely visible extent from the original color of the sRGB color space. Please, switch off ad blockers.