For details, contact your service representative. Select the appropriate model, then click [Next]. This is helpful to prevent the fax number from being incorrectly registered. Printers being connected via USB ports are detected. Select this machine, then click [Next]. Internet Fax Internet fax is a function used to send and receive fax via enterprise network and Internet.

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If a restart prompt appears, click [OK] to restart the PC. Prepare the fax driver. The following describes the precautions for using the IP Address Fax. Internet fax is sent or received via E-mail.

This is because the multiplex device limits the konica minolta c353 fax band of the line to the utmost limit based on the assumption that the line is intended for voice communication.

The following describes the precautions for using the fax functions.

Fax Functions

Select whether to distribute and print a received fax when this machine is used as a fax relaying station. In the [Hardware] tab, click [Device Installation Settings]. In addition to IP address, you can also use a host name and E-mail address to koniica the destination. In User’s Guide manuals, location paths of folders or files may konica minolta c353 fax contain the root directory.

For details, contact your network administrator. For details, refer to Here. Set up the software installation on the PC. Settings Description [Review] Displays the installed components for checking. Ensure that the installer starts, then go to Step 3. Select the fax driver you wish to delete, then konica minolta c353 fax [Uninstall].

Select whether to show a list of konida destinations before sending a fax.

Check the operating system OS version that supports the fax driver. Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting.

Other file types can be specified only for the first line. Home Fax Fax Functions.

Enabling/Disabling the Fax Functions

The printer driver installer starts. Konica minolta c353 fax whether to use F-Code TX. Select [ON] if you want to check destinations before sending a fax. For details, contact your service representative. This function cannot be used together with the following functions. Change the printer name or print a test page if necessary, then click [Finish]. Ensure that the operation requirements of the printer driver are satisfied by the PC where you install the fax driver.

Enabling/Disabling the Fax Functions

Internet Fax Internet fax is a function used to send and receive fax konica minolta c353 fax enterprise network and Internet. You need to have the administrator privileges to perform this task. When you have finished installing the fax driver, change the setting back to [Yes, do this automatically recommended ].

This is helpful to prevent a fax from being sent to an incorrect destination. This machine has various features for fax operations, including those enabling the user to change scan settings according to the original and to save incoming faxes in a User Box. To specify other file types, ask your service representative to configure settings. Enable the Forward TX function. Select [Uninstall Konica minolta c353 fax Driver], then click [Next].