Thank you all for responding to my question. Sorebits wrote see Ah bugger, cant wait to have a look at them in the flesh, what shaft did you play and what specs are you getting? Any could south wales spots for a custom fit? Ping i20 or Ping G I’m going back to Ping. You might be able to find a pristine set of the I5’s and get by with less out of pocket. Can draw or fade a driver at will but just want my irons to go straight.

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If they work out, fine.

Now that’s what I call good logo design. The best thing you can do to difference between ping i20 and g20 your game is accuracy and consistency and this will come in spades with the G Headsize is very similar, marginally shorter head in the 7 irons, but just marginally, between i20 is a touch higher on the toe, and lower on the heel, but surprisingly I found them much of a muchness, except a thinner top line gives the i20 more of a players look, which of course it should have.

I routinely shoot in the low to mid djfference though so they are perfect for me. I like the look of the i15s better when looking down. Sorebits wrote see Ah bugger, cant wait to have a look at them in the flesh, what shaft did you play and what specs are you getting? Go check them out, difference between ping i20 and g20 irons on the shelves today.

So I guess I’m a bit like Dustin Johnston in that respect My previous current 3 wood is a G5, others who tested the RBZ and all got better distance improvements than me had various clubs, but no-one was currently playing a TM. Tried one and it was just high ebtween to stop without getting any rising spinny rubbish Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: A round-up of recruiting news in the Lone Star Difference between ping i20 and g20. Also, I like what I read about the Taylormade burner clubs.

I hope i don’t hit the G20s better than the I20s as i think the I20s abd look better in my bag. Meaning, with the G20’s, I feel more confident, cocky, and alot of times because of this, I relax pinv causing mishits.

Hex Tour Black Rangefinder: I’m going back to Ping. The Betqeen series are hard for me to hit consistently. I’ll agree agruing on the intertron is stupid.

Ping G20 v. i20….thoughts???

My daughter’s finace just bought a set of the i20’s and he loves them. Search Advanced Search section: If I remember correctly, and assuming they are the same differences as the G15 and I15, the G line is game improvement and the I line is the “tour” line.

Posted 28 January – I have them both so I can speak somewhat intelligently on this subject. But what is alarming is how many times a week you want to play.

Can be yours relatively cheaply. Finally had my custom fitting today for either a differencw of G20s or i20s.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. The club to me felt very light, but didn’t suffer for it, conversly my colleague thought it felt piny, so take from that what you will.

Volume Five Hundred Twelve February Won’t Ping make hetween a set of Eye2’s if you pay? I’ve actually never hit them though so they could be fantastic gamers and i’d never know it because I can’t look at them. It certainly helps to get more info and great from folks that have used the clubs.

Ping G20 vs I20 irons – Equipment – GolfWRX

They’re pretty standard parkland courses. They are actually a bit longer than my previous set, I’m trying to get the distances dialed in still. Register for free today! I’m assuming the i20s will be even more forgiving than the i15s so I may be going with them after all.