The onboard graphics’ performance in games was also unsatisfactory, and many games of that time had to be run at low resolution and low detail levels to be playable. Feb 12, Posts: Tue Dec 30, 4: None of the sites I’ve found have a definative answer for the speed ranges it supports not even Intel’s page! If I recall correctly, the fastest Coppermine Celeron was actually 1. The was an with an added AGP slot. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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The below diagram will help to explain how the new AHA works and how each hub helps:. I’m hoping it will support a 1.

Intel 810 Chipset

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Jun 6, Posts: Wed Dec 31, Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. It was supposed to be a server intel 810 chipset ;p Reply. Off the top of my head, I chipdet there were some revision of the i that supported Tualatin but they are a minority. The added bandwidth was necessary because of increasing demands intel 810 chipset transfer between components.

Intel Chipset Review –

Since 3D games and applications increased in popularity, the need for a greater amount of available bandwidth became a more pressing issue, thus resulting in the, what some may argue, premature, release of the AGP enabled iLX chipset.

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It’s been a while since there have been any major changes to the chipsets motherboards have been built around over the past few years. Log in Don’t have intel 810 chipset account?

Intel® 810 Chipset Specifications

As of today, I couldnt get the intel 810 chipset adaptor to inte in my gateway system. Wed Dec 31, 6: Without an adapter you’re limited to a P3 mhz fsb or a celery 1.

Sun Dec 28, 1: If it doesn’t support it, Dell might offer a BIOS update for the computer, although they usually reserve this for bugs and intel 810 chipset for giving the customer more. Try running database related applications and 3D games and you’ll be disgusted with its cchipset performance. It replaces the Intel 810 chipset as the central bus and the typical North and Southbridge chipsets with a three-hub architecture.

Pretty good board also has 4Mb video cache RAM. Intel launched the i chipset intwl the Celeron on the 26th of April and is marketing the intel 810 chipset chipset specifically with Celeron-based systems in mind.

Accelerated Hub Architecture – Intel Chipset

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Chipste of the other motherboards in the market have an AGP bus to relieve the system a little and provide a dedicated graphics bus, intel 810 chipset the rest of the system still uses the PCI bus as the central backbone, which is getting slow and outdated. Jul 25, Posts: It would be best to get the exact G MCH type cjipset the board and the intel 810 chipset type before assuming what will or will not work properly.

Aug 26, Posts: Feb 12, Posts: Posted September 3, Dell’s tech intel 810 chipset info for this model doesn’t say what speeds it supports either which isn’t surprising, since they typically don’t update that info for models this old. Tue Dec 30, 1: Shift to the present day and the same items are as follows: It’s not much of a matter because the i chipset is for the value market or system integrators.

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