If any of the following command error messages appear, they are nearly always caused by one of the fol- lowing two reasons: Turning on the Power Connect the cutting plotter to the AC electrical socket using the power cord provided, and turn on the power. Parts Names And Functions The Pause menu is displayed after the cutting plotter has stopped, allowing you to alter the settings. Page 1, x x mm Weight Approx. This section describes the interface conditions for the cutting plotter. One of six languages can be selected:

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Page 5 — Setting The Interface Conditions Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Graphtec 5000-60 Cause Solution The cutting start and end The data is not connected. Main Board Connector Block Section pna Stand ce, Ce, Ceap Auto-Registration-Mark-Reading Settings These settings enable pre-plotted graphetc to be cut graphtec 5000-60 any offset by reading the registration marks using the cutting-plotter sensor and adjusting the axes to suit the coordinate data.

Graphtec 5000-60 98 4 — Page 33 Page 34 – setting the interface conditions Page garphtec graphtec 5000-60 setting the cutter-pen conditions Page 36 – selecting cutter-pen-condition setting a Setting The Command Mode Setting The Graphtec 5000-60 Mode Before data is sent from the computer, the format command mode of data sent by the application soft- ware must be checked. Main Board Interface Section pna Turns the power supply to the cutting plotter on or off Stand: If this happens, adjusting the sensitivity will enable the sensor to perform detection correctly in most cases.

For example, a setting of 0. Setting the FEED graphtec 5000-60 The FEED function feeds the medium forward and backward to leave faint tracks of the grit rollers on it and prevent the media from slipping during a cutting or plotting operation. Step Load the medium for test cutting on the cutting plotter.

Graphtec CE Manuals

Connects graphtec 5000-60 power cord to the cutting plotter Power switch: Registration-mark Pattern, Medium And Registration-mark Position Registration-Mark Pattern The cutting plotter is capable of reading the following registration-mark patterns. Step With the blade inserted into the plunger cap, screw on the plunger from above. Raising And Lowering The Pen 4. graphtec 5000-60

Also See for CE Service manual – pages. Step Connect the cutting-plotter AC graphtec 5000-60 inlet to a correctly rated electrical socket using the power cord pro- vided.

Setting The Length Unit Page 56 Setting the Registration-Mark Detection Movement Distance This sets the distance between the registration marks and graphtec 5000-60 the initial registration-mark scanning position. Including the stand A — Step Insert the new blade into the hole provided in the plunger cap.

Scraps of the medium graphtec 5000-60 the moving rgaphtec are impeding operation.

GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 User Manual

Table Of Contents Setting the cutter-pen Graphtec 5000-60 the CE Position the push rollers over the grit rollers to grip each edge of the medium. Cutting Demo Step Load an A4-size or larger medium. Aligning The Coordinate Axes Reading The Auto Registration Marks graphtec 5000-60 Clearing The Non-volatile Ram Setting The Offset Force Cutting Force Test Cutting The Cutting Results Are Unsatisfactory Puo’ realizzare adesivi nelle dimensioni massime di mm x 50mt di lunghezza.

If any graphtec 5000-60 the following command error messages appear, they are nearly always caused by one of the fol- lowing two reasons: Rotating The Coordinate Axes Clearing the Buffer Memory This function deletes the data sent to the cutting plotter.

Upgrading The System Firmware Adjusting The Distance Accuracy Using the already plotted crosshairs as the point of reference, enter the actual amount of the graphtec 5000-60 between graphtec 5000-60 crosshairs and the graphtec 5000-60 that were plotted on top of them after the already plotted crosshairs were read by the sensor.

Clear Setup Mode Clearing The Buffer Memory