Loris Wed, 23 Feb Power on the camcorder and see what it does, might have to reset it maybe not. Well I’m back here on this thread.. I thought it was ridiculous that people said to bang the bottom but sure enough it works. It worked like a charm!!! So a generic thank you to everyone.

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I first hit the bottom with the palm of my hand I was having the problem of the tape not closing.

However, the door will now open and the carrier will move upward but it will not sony handycam dcr hc48 the tape. Youngsoon Choi Sat, 11 Oct First of all it’s amazing that Sony has this problem, even in the more expensive models! I came across this problem when I ejected a tape with the camera in OFF. Constantine Sat, 05 Dec Leon Thu, 20 May The exact repair time depends on the problem and the parts availability.

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I used to fix cameras and Sony handycam dcr hc48, the the symptoms suggested mode switch error the contacts in the rotary switch which report the mechanisms position back to the microprocessor, become weak and unreliable. I have been getting the error C I left the door open and the battery died on me.

GlendaleCa Insert new tape and hold the lid which is supposed to click into place. I sony handycam dcr hc48 contact with the battery and allowed the motor to fully-retract the cassette empty into the camera, closed the door there was joy at this point and then held the RESET button for about 20sec.

I was getting the triangle For the hdr-hc3 the reset is on the outer tape door in the middle. The weird thing sony handycam dcr hc48 it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a mechanical problem, when I pull the battery and place it back in the mechanism eventually resets itself with no problem.

I thought it was going to haandycam a throw away item James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar Anyone have any ideas?

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I’m thinking of printing sony handycam dcr hc48 this dony and sending it to the CEO although they state they don’t look at non Sony web pages. Nothing worked but two AAA batteries to the motor finally did it. Michel Sun, 19 Jul DCR-HC38 door wont close. Sony wants over bucks to fix it.

After doing this, my camera accepted the tape – door stayed shut and tape descended sony handycam dcr hc48 the camera. Alright it seems in my case you have to pull the battery out with the power off. Maybe the motor didn’t extend all the way to begin with. I get the message “Re-attach the soyn source”, even if the power is attached hhc48. As for the root cause, couldn’t tell you at this point. Push the reset button with a pen or something for 15 seconds sony handycam dcr hc48.

I was just so happy handucam get the stupid door closed again so that we could still use the camera. Walter Mon, 08 Sony handycam dcr hc48 Just have patience and do exactly as stated below.

Wilson Sat, 05 Dec A piece fell out of the camera and not sure where to put it back. I did the Chuck method and worked.

I have tried all plug and unplug combinations, pressing the reset button, battery on and off I attached two pics. I wrapped it with a towel as to not shock any of the parts when I hit it Any help would be dfr much sony handycam dcr hc48.