Now the laptop is fine but its not charging the battery. I really cannot tell which one is causing the problem without testing your laptop with good spare parts. What may be not function??? With the AC adapter plugged in, when I press the power button, I get the same response: Is it possible to connect Dc volt direct to the poles for the battery. Please if you have any ideas off what could be wrong, i would be really thankful. Nothing is un plugged or broken so please help!!!

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Hi hope you can help? I have download updated BIOS tosbiba the dell site for my Inspiron 15R N and run it but the laptop gets hang, neither allowed to get responce on toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless any key nor shutdown then i remove the battery then it get switch off.

Toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless laptop was not working because of a bad power jack. The lapt top wont power up, only led light powers ups for few seconds, the slowly came of, slowly…. I was not able to start my laptop since then.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

I should also add that when I plug in the DC, the charger light starts blinking and making a sort of clicking sound. My issue is now I do toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless get any power to the laptop at all. I have a Sony laptop FXA I have a HP pavilion ze If the AC adapter rated This is the motherboard part toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless and you can google it or search on eBay.

The number could be different for your motherboard. Recently it is having problem with the start button. Try replacing the CMOS battery. I closed the lid without shutting it down properly because it was frozen on a website and I had to go.

I have replaced the motherboard, AC cable, and triued different adapters and it toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless has the same issue. Would a bad motherboard function properly like this or should i have the jack checked? I have a laptop and whenever i switch my laptop on the green light goes on but the screen shows nothing. Could it be the power button? I would recommend testing the laptop with another AC adapter. Abe, Are you using a generic power adapter?

Also, I would take a closer look at the DC jack and inspect it for any visual damage. He says it would basically cost me as much toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless buy a new laptop as to replace the mb in this one.

I have a ASUS laptop which shows the battery is charger when on, but pushing start button does nothing! First of all, make sure the laptop is assembled correctly. Do you have any idea what might be causing this probelm?

Tried with battery power. I already changed the AC charger and the power jack! I was wondering if you might have an idea of what could toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless the problem. I have replaced the jack socket on my sony viao and now for some reason the l635–s3030 will not boot up.

If it toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless fails when you apply some pressure directly to the motherboard, most likely you have a bad board. Try turning it on this way. When i plug in my adapter, the laptop doesnt respond does not charge battery, doesnt turn on, leds do not respond…etc. Too bad I missed that by a month.

This is the secret of the electronic designer. Does the dc port toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless some sort of ground for it? Help me with this. Thanks for all the great information here!

So i found the fuse, but it is ok… the tester sounds when i test it! I ordered another, plugged it toshiba satellite l635-s3030 wireless, still dead. Now the problem is, as soon as it came back, I plugged it in so it could charge. The satsllite morning when I pushed the power button it lit up but there was no motor sound after I disconnected the cooling platform motor that comes on when I turn on the computer and nothing is on the screen.

I know the battery is fine.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

Plug in the AC adapter and try turning it on. Wait for a few minutes. If not, toshibaa a new adapter. I disconnect and open the laptop.

Not even a blue screen? This is a weird problem. I have a little gauge on my battery and its still at 4bars.