Seen the rear positive pin loose on the jack, cleaned and resolderd all contacts on the jack. Replace it with a new one. RAM seems fine, checked both slots. I am beginning to think that at some point the Bios has somehow been corrupted, but dont ask me how suffice to say it was not me. Maybe the power button is bad? Try reconnecting the memory module. Maybe the hard drive is the culprit?

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Power light hp g60-230us xp on but no HDD or screen activity. No light and nothing on the lcd screen. If i stick the power cable in the battery led does hp g60-230us xp on and after some charging it jumps from orange to yellow indicating the battery is charged. Have a compaq presario c Do you get any activity from the laptop when you press hp g60-230us xp the power button at all? It had a new hard drive installed 12 months ago and showed hp g60-230us xp signs of illness before it fell into this coma.

After this, it went entirely dead. So the laptop is dead and when i press the power button nothing happens. Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite AS, when turn on only power light comes on and the fan starts other than that nothing. This has never happened before. I had it hooked up to my tv playing music and videos when it just died.

Recently it would come on by itself with the dvd drive lights on and some sounds coming from the harddisk area. Connect the multimeter probes to the prongs on the switch and press on the button.

Re-plugged in the laptop…. Motherboard gone bad, power supply, or power button board?

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

Remove the DVD drive, hard drive, wireless card, disconnect keyboard, etc. Remove the keyboard bezel and take a look on hp g60-230us xp motherboard. If the motherboard works only when you apply some pressure on the graphics card, most likely this is defective motherboard. Remove as many parts as you can: I thought maybe hp g60-230us xp could be the problem.

Checked adaptor on spare laptop, adaptor works fine.

Is v60-230us blinking because the battery is charging? So I had to re solder that put it all back and guess what it powered on. Just fan spinning and power light and nothing else. After I posted my message, I left my laptop hp g60-230us xp the ac adaptor plugged hp g60-230us xp. Does your laptop start without g60230us drive installed? But when I assembled the board inside the case and closed everything it does not work again….

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I got an exact replacement 2 months ago, it is the same adapter but battery is 6 years old. Hp g60-230us xp a result Y60-230us removed the battery.

Evidently there is a systemboard crack near the back but after removing hp g60-230us xp pcb and staring at it thru a glass, up blue in the face, I cant see it.

Just in case restore BIOS to default settings. The display was dean on Fujitsu Amilo Pro V and the problem was the memory.

This all was acused when i tried to extend a ram while the batery is in the laptop and this might have disabled the original RAM which is integrated in the board.

You can contact me through skype hp g60-230us xp Also, tried removing hardisk and wireless card still no result. Should I get a new one? I have a Hp g60-230us xp Protege R laptop that will not boot up. I have a Toshiba satellite m35x like the one in the guide that had the same problem. g6-230us

I have a g60 us hp laptop. Cant able to access bios, totally blank black screen.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

What would hp g60-230us xp the motherboard just like that on its own?! And the charging light blinks in the front 3 long one short, if that means anything This turning on then immediately off is the same no matter if I have the laptop plugged hp g60-230us xp with battery or without.

There is no time limit to switch it on. Hp g60-230us xp am using the Compaq laptop and i am facing the same problem. I watched a video clip on facebook then my screen went blannk would do nothing so I prssed the power button to shut it off then tried to turn it back on and nothing happens.

Sorry for these noob questions but I really need to fix it. Now with your experience can you go into more detail bring back a dead laptop? Also can be fixed with a reflow tool. G0-230us have an HP G that turns on for hpp seconds, spins the fan and cuts out. Could be failed memory.

Can you boot the laptop to Toshiba logo on the screen? I connected it to the external monitor, the picture hp g60-230us xp perfect. I tried reinstalling windows cp the audio drivers but it did not solve the problem.

I took the cmos battery out for weeks no help. I believe this laptop should boot even if the cooling fan is unplugged from the motherboard. I have the same problem as 54th.