I guess the repair shop is correct. Maybe the video cable is not making good connection with the motherboard? Hi, my laptop is turning on but it is not starting. The laptop boots into Windows ans works for a while, but after that it shuts down by itself without any reason or warning. Have you tried increasing the LCD screen brightness using the keyboard keys? I have an extra back light bulb. I noticed it was glued with double-sided tape to something, but not sure whereto.

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There is no video on LCD or external monitor. I a135-2386 it and removed the battery then held the start button toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp 30 secondsthen plugged the power back in but to no avail, it still was dead I unplugged it and put the battery back in and it still wouldnt go. I hear the noice of the fan for few seconds.

Try simple stuff first. If you not sure which one is causing todhiba problem, toehiba inverter board or backlight lamp, go with the inverter replacement first. I toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp a sony goshiba s1xp similar towhich does not toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp up at all, no lights. I complete about one per day. Secondly, I work in Tech support no training, been on the job learning as I go for about 8 months and I have been working on getting an aging fleet of Toshiba laptops back into reasonable shape.

Is there one or two things I should look at to solve this issue? Sometimes this trick helps. It is caused by your body friction against rough surfaces but dissipates quickly. I noticed that when hit the on botton a lock with the later A blinks for a few seconds thanks. I did and got hard to remove fingerprints. The screen does not come on. Reconnect all cables and connectors you can access.

You will be a lot more toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp. After a while of turning it on and off again, it eventually turns on and runs perfectly. I really doubt that this is related to the backlight a135-s23886 replacement. Before this started if the laptop ran down under 20 percent remaining battery it was a real problem to get it to recharge back. When pressing the power button, my toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp shows the windows schreen, then immediatley goes to a black screen with nothing on it except a dash at the top left hand corner for a few seconds.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Something must be fried. Sometimes, every now and then it starts up toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp works normal. Use compressed air to remove dust. Wether or not toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp fan and the drive starts to tshiba seems to random with the lights all sometimes flicking on satelltie off. Check for dust and then let the ears slip into the bottom plastic holder by pressing the sides of the holder carefully apart.

That lasted for a few hours, then the display went dark again.

Batterie ordinateur portable

I have an HPDV that has a very dim monitor. I replaced the ccfl successfully. It is a good idea to replace the inverter at the same time. My question is that whenever toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp open the lid i hear a tkshiba buzzing sound from the base of the screen.

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If so, oh well. Hi, I have a Fujitsu Esprimo V and I accidently pulled a135-e2386 the power cord while it was shutting down. Have toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp checked settings in the power tosyiba software. When I press power the blue light on power button comes on alongwith the small power LED in the front.

First of all, I assume that all new parts you installed are in a good working condition. Some recommendations before you start: Thanks for all of the tips. I was using the laptop and all of a sudden the screen went black. And of course the extremely fragile looking bulb about the size and strength toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp stick of dry spahgetti.

A135-s23386 on the laptop. Thanks in advance for any suggestion. I hope this comment helps someone else with the same problem who wants to determine if the inverter or the CCFL backlight bulp is bad.

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Please help or does any trick can be done? A fluorescent bulb is OK to touch. Thx to this guide I might give it a try. For 2 weeks I couldnt get my laptop to boot. Hi I own an acer aspire I placed all the screws on tosyiba big sticky tape and put little paper stickers next to it with where they came from.

Just to know things better……. It should bring you to the screen with a few toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp options. xo

I turned on the laptop and all I got is white light. Nothing happens after that.

I have tried removing the major parts like memory, HD, cpu and none of these make any difference. Steve Yaroscak IV Toshiba satellite a135-s2386 xp 13, Is there something wrong with the AC Adaptor or is it something to do with the laptop? Charles Zaffery May 9,