Specular Effect Reduction When the On code is scanned, the first pass read rate and voting threshold are increased. Got it, continue to print. Scan the bar codes below to change the message length. Scan the Terminal ID bar code below, then scan the numeric bar code s on the inside back cover of this manual to program the scanner for your terminal ID. All Symbologies Show Software Revision Scan the bar code below to output the current software revision. The scanner will beep once. When turned off, there is no space.

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Longer delays hanv effective in minimizing accidental rereads at POS point of sale. Page 68 Manual Trigger, Low Hand held products it3800 Before using this procedure, determine which scanner will be the source the scanner containing the desired software. Reread Delay Reread Delay This sets the time period before the scanner can read the hand held products it3800 bar code a second time.

Although specific maintenance is not required, the following periodic checks ensure dependable heeld operation: Technical Assistance If you need assistance installing or troubleshooting your scanner, please call your Distributor or the nearest Hand Held Products technical support office: An alternate format is initiated by scanning one of the 3 alternate format bar codes below.

Ascii Conversion Chart code Page Note: Charts of these function codes are provided in Section 10, Supported Interface Keys. Page 95 Hand held products it3800 this feature is on, there is a space between the data from the bar code and the data from the addenda. Does the scanner read the bar code incorrectly?

Page Hand Held Products, Inc. Reread Delay This sets the time period before the scanner can read the same bar code a second time.

When this feature is on, there is a space between the data from the bar code and the data from the addenda. Prefix to All Sy The scanner will beep twice. This table applies to U. Don’t show me this message again. C static electricity or electro-static discharge, D operation under conditions beyond the specified operating parameters, or E repair or service of the product by anyone other than Hand Held Products or its authorized representatives.

You can activate the scanner either by pressing the trigger, or using a serial trigger command see “Trigger Commands” on page 4. Specular Effect Hand held products it3800 When the On code is hand held products it3800, the first pass read rate and voting threshold are increased.

Your terminal displays the diagnostic information first, then the data from the scanned code. Save bar code to program the keyboard for your country.

バーコードのセンテック – HandHeldProducts –

The IT is comfortable to hold, easy to use, rugged, and excellent for all general scanning applications. You can also access product service and repair assistance hand held products it3800 produchs www. The host terminal must be set for the same baud rate hand held products it3800 the scanner.

Data Bits, Stop Bits Scan the 2 digit hex value from the Programming Chart inside the back cover or scan 9, 9 for all symbologies. Use this selection if you are using a laptop whose keyboard is disabled when you plug in the scanner.

Scan the sym- pageCode I. Secondary interfaces do not apply to the ITLX When Check Character is hand held products it3800 to Validate and Transmit, the scanner will only read Code 39 bar codes printed with a check character, and will transmit this character at the end of the scanned data. Minimum Message Length 7 – 12 page for additional information. Because some PDF codes are more compact than others, the reading distance varies from code to code.


Concatenation Codabar supports symbol concatenation. Ibm Ports 5b, 9b, And lt3800 Interface Note: The IT marks a new performance level for handheld scanners. This action first clears all current suffixes, then programs a carriage return suffix for all symbologies. Refer to the serial hand held products it3800 programming pages baud rate and communications protocol.

Hand Held Products IT4600 Manuals

Baud Rate Baud Rate sends the data from the scanner to the terminal at the specified rate. As a general rule, the following hand held products it3800 are not supported by the scanner for countries other than the United States: Code Prodcuts Length Note: Data from other symbologies follow the rules described above.

Matrix 2 Of 5 Message Length Note: These warranties are nontransferable. This hand held products it3800 also for: When the trigger is pulled, the scanner wakes up and operates at normal power until there is no triggering for the time set with the Low Power Time Out bar code.

Hand Held Products IT3800 User Manual

Code 39 Message Length, Check Character Code 39 bar codes hand held products it3800 with a check character, but will not transmit the check character with the scanned data. Replacing The Interface Cable, Troubleshooting The standard interface cable is attached to the scanner with an pin modular connector. The scanner stores the data in the order in which the bar codes are read, deleting the first space from each.