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A distinctive militia group whose members wear a fur hat and gas mask in the DMZ to conceal their identities, the group main objective seems dmz comic pdf download cause as much destruction and mayhem to the settlements in the DMZ, randomly killing anything that moves.

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They operated out of the damaged, but still dmz comic pdf download, Empire State Building. The split-star flag of the movement began appearing across the ddmz, and the disparate anti-government forces began calling themselves “the Free States of America”. Will he get the scoop or will he get killed?

List of DMZ characters – Wikipedia

Later in the series the FSA commander and some of his troops assist the newly formed Delgado nation in acquiring a nuclear weapon, in order to put more pressure on the US Government it is later revealed by the FSA commander that the FSA were dmz comic pdf download true backers behind the formation of Delgado Nation. By using this rmz, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved February 17, Protests erupted around a G8 summit held in Phoenix, Arizonawhich turned particularly violent.

Now they consider themselves an army of dead men, refocusing their anguish over the fall of the city by exacting bitter vengeance on those still fighting in the ruins. dmz comic pdf download

The FSA firmly controls New Jersey and Staten Island, from which it launches its continued pushes dmz comic pdf download take Manhattan – as the nation’s largest city, both sides see it downpoad a symbol of control over the entire country. Still in the DMZPart 2″.

The war stalls there, a stalemate, neither side being able to shift things. For the downloa that went through, our robot math gave you points for this submission.

Vertigo Comics Ongoing Series. This reduced vast swaths of major cities to ghost towns, including DetroitSt. He is killed dmz comic pdf download the ensuing airstrikes, becoming a martyr to the people of Dmz comic pdf download for protecting dmzz throughout the war.

At this point the federal government yanked back all military forces from foreign fronts and dowwnload them on American soil to stem the tide of the insurrection. In the chaos and confusion, Matty meets Zee who treats his wounds and acts as his reluctant guardian and guide in the DMZ.

The FSA arose out of anger and disillusion following the US government’s continual engagement in foreign wars. The seizure of a nuclear weapon made Parco and his movement a US target. Originally a largely disorganized movement of right wing and anti-federal militias, the FSA has come to seize control of large areas of territory from the US government. Retrieved from ” https: After the rise of Delgado Nation in the Dmz comic pdf download, and their subsequent acquirement of a nuclear warhead, the United States Military dmz comic pdf download a nuclear device of their own in order diwnload frame the newly formed nation and emz give the US a legitimate reason to move into Manhattan and end the war.


This strained the domestic economy and infrastructure to the point of near-collapse, with domestic spending co-opted to fund dmz comic pdf download overseas ” police actions “. Zee was initially distrusting of Matty, believing him to merely be a tourist in the DMZ. For a rownload this worked, and the US seemed to be gaining the upper hand, but then on Day US soldiers accidentally gunned down a crowd of unarmed protesters in Manhattan.

Even the FSA forces were surprised at their own rapid advance. Being the only source of news coming out of the DMZ, Matty unintentionally dmz comic pdf download a national and international celebrity — an advantage and a curse.

DMZ #1 – 72

With the US robbed of all momentum and public support for an advance, the dmz comic pdf download sides settled into an uneasy stalemate, where Manhattan is the location of the DMZ between downloas two warring parties, with the FSA occupying dmz comic pdf download including New Jersey and inland, and the United States holding Brooklyn, Long Island, and other parts unknown.

Many bitter and underfunded National Guard units actually began to defect to the FSA rather than fight them, giving a boost to the skill and training level of their forces. Retrieved April 7, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Thanks for continuing to improve the site. On the Ground Vol. Public Works Vol.