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Our site does not have a way to take payment today but not deliver the content until a future date. Can I pre-order an ebook before its published? Move hbr what is strategy pdf download personal files in the My Files folder. Make sure that Sync Books is checked, and that either All Books is selected, or that you have checked off the ebook to be synced. Alternative Approach You can also use other apps capable of reading.

HBR Press eBooks

Highlights, bookmarks and annotations will only sync across devices with content purchased directly from Amazon. The ebook will open in iBooks and appear in your library. After startegy your purchase, click on the person icon in the upper right and go to your Purchases section to download a copy of the item. When you tap on your ePub file, choose Import to Aldiko. There are hbr what is strategy pdf download ebooks on the way!

You will need dhat program able to open an ePub file on your computer, such as Adobe Digital Editions, hbr what is strategy pdf download free application for Windows and Mac that can be downloaded here: Who should I contact if I have a problem with my ebook, or a suggestion for improving HBR’s ebook-buying or reading experience?

You can purchase multiple copies directly from any ebook product page on our website quantity pricing discounts will be reflected at checkout, prior to submitting your order.

HBR Press eBooks – Harvard Business Publishing

Once the file has finished downloading, click the downloads tab or icon or the menu icon, downloxd the More tab, and then the Downloads folder, depending on which device you have.

Email it to yourself and open the email directly on your iOS device. Once the file has finished downloading, open your Aldiko application, navigate to the Files section and locate the Downloads folder.

An appropriate cable is provided with most versions of the Kindle device. Sony Reader or other e-reading device Please consult your device manufacturer for detailed instructions for downloading personal files to your device.

Alternative Approach You can download the mobi file to your computer from the Purchases section of your HBR account and then email it to yourself. You can sync to the Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard with the latest software update, version 3. The hbr what is strategy pdf download should open in the Kindle pd and save stfategy the app’s Home screen under All Items. Three different formats PDF, ePub, and mobi for the price of one, so you can read your ebook on multiple types of devices. Be aware there is no way to download this ebook that would enable you to read or view it on your bookshelf with your other books.

Where can I access my ebooks once I’ve purchased them? If these instructions don’t work, you may need to contact your device manufacturer for help. Are there bulk discount rates available if I want to buy multiple copies?

Documents such as ebooks in the mobi format can be sent to your Kindle or to a hbr what is strategy pdf download of Kindle Apps using Amazon’s Personal Documents Service Send-to-Kindle email address. Tap on the ePub format to open. Please note that in the case that you download a PDF, it will be personalized with your email address.

hbr what is strategy pdf download Why are only some of HBR Press’s books available as ebooks? Open iBooks on your device to access the ebook. Ebooks which include more graphic elements like illustrations, figures, or tables may take longer. On a Kindle Fire it will appear in the Documents tab. Add the email address from which you will be sending the mobi file hbr what is strategy pdf download the Approved Personal Document E-mail List.

Closing other applications on your device may speed up your download time. If it is already installed, check to make sure you are using the most recent version. In some cases we may refer you to the manufacturer of your device, as they may be the best resource to address certain types of problems.

This article concerns https: Sign into Amazon on any web browser. On your computer, open iTunes and drag the file to the Books section of your iTunes library. If your device is not listed, HBR may not support it at this time.

Your ebook should import to the Aldiko app and open automatically, saving strtegy your Aldiko Library. Please consult your device manufacturer for detailed instructions for downloading personal files to your device. The ebook will open in Kindle and appear in the app’s Home screen under All Items.