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And ridiculuos offers for dvds and books.

My daughter is 8 months and because I’m still breastfeeding my husband had to do the 10 minute reassurance checks. She does have a facebook page for anyone who is interested. The website isn’t brilliant, and isn’t user friendly but the video blogs where she answers questions are very useful. My child is a: Paid about 15 pounds for Dana Obleman’s pdf file e-book which said lots of things I already knew but it helped me be organised and take action.

I think there are definitely things parents can do to help the baby learn sleeping and napping tricks, but how quickly the baby actually gets it is down to the individual infant IMO. Ask questions, get answers, share advice, or just listen in!

As IC says, some babies just don’t need to sleep for 12 hours at a stretch. With 3 out of 4 of the children, it worked within three days and they never had to be left longer than 10 mins. Our daughter sleeps well at night, naps well in the day and has done since about 5 months old – She’s just over one year now Almost immediately we noticed a change in her, she is a happier and much more settled baby, because she is getting enough sleep.

Since she gave us our life back i figured i’d give her food sense program a try too. Dana Obleman and Sleep Sense – anyone heard of her? I waited until she was having 3 solid meals a day before starting the sleep training. I’m otherwise exclusively breastfeeding Wide-eyed and frantically searching for tips to get your baby to sleep?

My little boy five months sleeps ok at night but its his daytime battles that are the problem and won’t sleep past forty mins, though these days he hardly goes past half an hour.

It took approx 4 nights, we got rid of the dummy, and the two night feeds at the same time. My baby girl is 8 months old and has decided to wake up at 5 a.

Personally, I still don’t sleep through the night and I’m almost 40! I’m so much happier as I have 11 hours of uniterrupted sleep every night. Start new thread in this topic Flip this thread Refresh the display Show messages Add a message This is page 1 of 3 This thread has 52 messages.

Can anyone comment on whether it covers older babies and early waking?

Kaz, half the people on the sleep boards would chew their arm off to have a baby who slept as well as yours. Its not just ssnse controlled crying at all. Also, his naps are – am, and 2pm to pm at the very most but usually only till pm and he seems to want an early bedtime of pm.

The longest stint he sleeps for is hours max, and over a 24 hour period he probably only averages about 10 to 12 hours of sleep and that’s on a good day. I’ve used it and yes I’m real I can’t recommend it highly enough. Start new thread in this topic Flip this thread Refresh the display. At that age, most of their nutrition should be coming from the milk feeds; they are just getting the hang of solids. We were in a feed-to-sleep cycle of sometimes every 60 minutes and I was desperate. She has a video library of advice on her website which has some OK bits as well.

Solutions for Child Sleep Problems | The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman

Just caved in and bought her on-line book, which is very repetitive and is based on crying it out. But no helpful advice – for me. Straight talk about sleep, parenting, babies, toddlers, relationships… and just about anything else! Thanks littlerach, downloac what I was afraid of.

I can’t sing Dana’s praises enough.

danz Show messages Add a message. Of course if other mums think it’s not right to let the baby cry for 3 sene so they can have the long and happy sleep the next 4th and 5th etc night- that’s fine. Over 2 hours minutes of no-nonsense content.

When I was checking out old Dr Richard Ferber on google, to find out exactly what the revisions were in his latest edition please please no discussions of CC here!

I have not succummbed to buying anything as ds’s sleep issues are a thing of the past. I also only got a few emails. I watched my oblwman go to sleep which is beautiful and he falls asleep now in his room alone.

Sleep Sense Dana Obleman Free

Is this the same, could it help with day time naps? Ok, that’s all I need! Mother of 5-month old. A bit depressing, I know – especially if you’re in the middle of the fog of sleep deprivation, put it will pass in time and they will settle down I’m telling myself this!