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It can be pushed to its most extreme boost settings while retaining openness and clarity. Only two simple audio controls are required to allow you to effortlessly reshape the attack and sustain characteristics. Used by star producers and musicians for composing, recording, mixing and editing music, Cubase combines outstanding audio quality, intuitive handling and a collection of highly advanced audio and Cubsae tools.

Controls View Some host applications have an alternate plug-in display mode feature called Controls View, Parameter Mode, or similar nomenclature. He was involved in the early development of stereophonic recording, and founded studios in Chicago, Hollywood and San Francisco whose legacy still lives on today.

The manual can be found on their website, along with info about their other great products: MFX Balance D fig. No sound will be 1— However, since it offers a completely novel signal cbase, noth- ing shall be concealed from the more curious users. Fade Rate Fade Rate determines the amount of time that will pass between the Fade but- ton being activated and the plug-in output level being reduced to minimum or being raised to 0 dB in the case of a fade in.

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This behavior is identical to the original hardware, which we mmanual exactly. Diffusion radically alters the reverberation sound and is source dependent. Output Gain Output Gain controls the signal level that is output from the plug-in. Buying Plug-ins Registration Registration at my. Input, Sync and Re- doownload paths, plus Thru bypass are available for authenticity, providing all available circuit options of the A In Echo mode, it functions as an input mute. Five separate frequency bands are available for processing.

Each unique parameter in the plug-in retains a distinct value, but only the pa- rameters that are active in the current program mode are visible in the graph- ical user interface. Gain Adjusts the output level by up to 40 dB. The Fairchild plug-in window 2 Compressors, 4 Modes There are two compressors within the Fairchild The USB Audio screen will appear.

High Peak Response Figure Page Rhythm Set List Prst: Manual These controls are the suite of tools included to perform Calibration Tools manual calibration of the recorder. The answer is revealed in the new UAD Moog Multimode Filter, which delivers the first truly analog-sounding VCF voltage controlled filter emulation made for mixing, performing, creating, or destroying. The Precision Equalizer may also be used in recording and mixing where the utmost in EQ quality is required.


The Bandwidth control page Its algorithm has been revised primarily the elimination of the Drive circuit in order to pro- vide sonic characteristics very similar to the Moog Filter but vubase significantly less DSP usage. Page This may be due to the following reasons.

Reverberation Panel Late-Field To highlight the relative timing relationship between the early reflections and Relative Timing late-field reverberation components, the shape and timing of the late-field is represented as an outline in the Reflections panel. Page Time Constant This 6-position cubaae provides fixed and variable time constants attack and release times to accommodate various types of program material. Dowwnload Link In Absolute mode, changes to a band control will force the same control in the other bands to snap to the same value as the current band.

The Type 69 Passive EQ replicates all the controls of the original hardware.

See THD Indicators below. Marking a departure from the tube design of the LA-2A Lev- eling Amplifier, the solid-state LA-3A offered a new sound in optical gain re- duction, with faster attack and release characteristics that were noticeably dif- ferent from its predecessor.

Positioning Panel Late-Field Start This parameter defines when the late-field reverb tail begins the delay be- tween the dry signal and the onset of the LF in relation to the dry signal.

The automation for the left channel controls both channels in Link mode. At maximum Band- width, this overshoot curve is pronounced.